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    Independently owned and operated, Big 8 Food Company is one of Melbourne’s biggest Asian Food importers, Specialize in importing and distributing Asian food into local markets in Australia.

    On a daily basis, our dedicated delivery team and customer service ensures goods are delivered to each of our customers in a timely manner. In the past decade, Big 8 have been proudly serving Victorian customers from Greater Melbourne, Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Ballarat, Shepparton and many more.

    Together with our assistance, our interstate customers from Southern Australia and Tasmania were able to bring Asian food to the public eye, contributing another wide range of food selection to the local market.

    Big 8 Company also owns a local retail store, locating in Preston, supplying more than 10,000 everyday groceries to hundreds and thousands of customers from the local community.

    Coronavirus in 2020 has been changing people's life. In order to provide our customers a remotely available shopping experience, we are excited to introduce our online ordering platform to everyone - please visit https://www.big8food.com.au/ to place an order today.



    BIG 8公司是大墨尔本地区集亚洲食品零售,批发,仓储,物流为一体的综合性公司,是大墨尔本地区最大的进口商和零售商之一。



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